Revolution Barriers

Barrier Solutions for Modern Security Needs

Innovative Design

Revolution Barriers feature a patent pending interlocking extruded aluminum stacking panel for rapid installation.

Custom Solutions

We supply tailor designed barrier systems in a variety of custom and standard colors, with a variety of integrated security features

Environmental Responsibility

Every component is 100% recyclable.  From sourcing to production, environmental sustainability is our commitment.

Montana based and Veteran Owned. Continuing our commitment to Service and Security

Overcoming Security and Aesthetic Challenges

Security fencing is often associated with chain-link fence and razor-wire. Revolution Barrier was created to supply a beautiful privacy barrier that responds to modern and specific security needs.

“The installation of a revolutionary privacy barrier not only increased the appeal of our commercial site but also proved highly effective in minimizing the lighting, noise, and activity generated on our premises.”

NIH Research Facility, MD

Discover Our Security Barrier Revolution

Revolution Barriers is at the forefront of providing high-security fencing solutions, blending innovative design with environmental consciousness to redefine perimeter safety.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

Pioneering Eco-Friendly Security with 100% Recycled Aluminum Barriers.

Customized Security Solutions

Tailor-Made Barrier Solutions for Optimal Privacy and Aesthetics.


Enhance student safety by providing visual identity protection and restriction of unauthorized access to playground and facilities.


Reduces noise pollution and light intrusion for neighboring residential areas, ensuring harmonious industrial-community relations.


Guide pedestrian flow with fencing solutions. Prefabricated fencing packages are designed for rapid installation in both temporary and permanent environments.


Offers secure, visually appealing fencing for outdoor employee areas in high crime zones, promoting a safer work environment.

Government Facilities

Provides high-security fencing for government properties, ensuring top-level privacy and protection against unauthorized entry and surveillance.


Enhanced protection from handguns to high-powered assault rifles. A comprehensive range of options from door entry and hallway concealment to a full perimeter barrier fence.


Mitigate the vulnerability of utility infrastructure to targeted attacks by implementing a Revolution Barrier system. This solution effectively conceals critical equipment components, reducing the risk of visual observation and unauthorized access.

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How You Benefit


Enhanced Security


Aesthetic Appeal


Environmental Commitment

Secure Your Space with Revolution Barriers Today

Contact us to explore our eco-friendly, high-security fencing solutions and take the first step towards enhanced safety and privacy.

The recent addition of a Revolution Barrier not only enhanced our commercial site's allure but also effectively reduces lighting, noise, and activity. Our neighboring property owners are delighted with the positive impact.

    New Customer

    Jim and Levi made our project a success. Their expertise in design and engineering, coupled with guidance for our crew ensured a seamless and efficient installation.

      New Customer

      Our privacy barrier fence not only enhances the aesthetics of our property but also provides unparalleled security. Revolutions prompt responses and quality product exceeded our expectations.

        New Customer

        Installing our Revolution barrier was a breeze for our general contractors, thanks to its user-friendly design. The manufacturer's efficient communication and top-notch product made the entire experience exceptional.

          New Customer

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